Treatment for Rett Syndrome

Many families throughout the UK become frustrated when they know that their child has a disability, yet they cannot seem to pinpoint the issue at hand. This is often the case as it relates to a condition called Rett Syndrome. Developmental issues, such as slowed body growth, as well as cognitive function deterioration, are the primary indicators. However, many of these indicators are also present in other common conditions like autism or asperger's syndrome. Parent's must be observant in order to find out what is causing their child to fall behind in a social, academic, and physical manner. Early and sustained treatment is certainly the key to success.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Rett Syndrome. In fact, treatment revolves around limiting the symptoms associated with the disorder. Some medications are used to treat issues such as breathing problems or motor function problems. Additionally, some drugs are prescribed in order to control intense seizures. Other actions include monitoring the child's physical development, specifically to diagnose the onset of scoliosis. Therapies in the UK are designed to help kids to develop the skills that they need in order to accomplish daily tasks. These include feeding, dressing, going to the bathroom, and even performing crafts.

There are some children who must use special equipment in order to function properly. Braces help to slow scoliosis, for example. Prime nutritional programs are designed to give kids an advantage so that their bodies will develop on a more normal path. Although there are plenty of challenges associated with Rett Syndrome, many people are able to lead productive lives into the middle age years. The rarity of the disorder makes it difficult to determine the overall life expectancy of people who have the disorder. Currently, doctors are unsure about life expectancies past the age of 40.

If you think that your child might suffer from Rett Syndrome, then your first step is to find a qualified doctor to seek treatment. There are many highly-trained doctors located throughout the UK, and they specialise in working with kids of all ages. Do your research to determine which doctors are worth your time. Read current online reviews to see what other patients had to say about their experiences. An early diagnosis provides the child with the best possible odds for living a normal life, both socially and academically.

One of the most important aspects of treatment is finding the right school for your child. Many schools hire teachers and support aides who are well-versed in working with kids who suffer from Rett Syndrome. Although you might be required to pay a tuition in order to get your child into an optimal school, it is well worth the cost in the end. The key is to find a school which is capable of providing one-on-one instruction. This allows your child to learn in a safe environment where she can feel comfortable as well. Check into schools to find the ones that have the best track records for helping these children.