Day Habilitation Programs

Rett Syndrome is not a condition that has to completely limit a person. In fact, there are programs which help young girls to thrive both in, and out of school. In the UK, education through schools can potentially continue until at least the age of 21. However, once a child reaches 14 years of age, some school systems begin the procedure of helping people diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, to transition to adult life situations. This transition is often aided with an improvised education plan. Options available to you depend on what region within the UK that you live. In some cases, you might need to seek the help of disability services in order to obtain adult programs. Agencies are available to assist you in finding the perfect plan as well.

Day programs which focus on people diagnosed with Rett Syndrome might be hard to find at times, but there are other possibilities to consider. For example, you might want to consider starting your own local program. Families are often willing to get together to pool together resources, money, and the energy necessary to make it happen. Habilitation plans usually help adults with Rett Syndrome to access resources so that they might find a job. Supported employment is also available. This is provided through a workshop or a wide variety of other habilitation programs.

Volunteer opportunities abound as well. Organisations provide volunteers who are willing to help people with Rett Syndrome to better assimilate into the greater community. Finding the right support from an assistant also helps patients to overcome obstacles on a much more consistent basis. Volunteer jobs increase self-esteem, and they include tasks such as taking tickets at the movies, working with pets, or even delivering mail to the elderly! The right day habilitation program has the potential to transform a person's life so that they can start to feel better about themselves. Nobody wants to feel as though they cannot provide for themselves, and helping others to see that they can achieve goals is a huge part of the process in the grand scheme of things.