Online Support Networks for Rett Syndrome

Although Rett Syndrome is certainly a debilitating disorder, it is not one that has to reduce the longterm quality of life for girls who are diagnosed with it. UK residents have options when it comes to finding support. That support is often found within local communities, but when it is not available, there are online resources available as well. Online resource centres provide innovative ideas for work and recreational activities for those who suffer from the condition. Parents can turn to them to find out more regarding job placement opportunities. Community hep boards advertise ideal job and volunteer opportunities for people with Rett Syndrome.

Financial support is another factor to consider. Often, medical expenses far exceed what a family is willing or able to spend for a loved one. As a result, that loved one does not get the help and support that she deserves. Websites like GoFundMe allow you to create a donation opportunity. People who understand what you're going through can safely donate money to help to cover rehabilitation or medical procedures. This website and many others are ideal for finding others who can offer their help. Create a Facebook page to update friends and family about your child's progress.

Blogs are popular for people who love to be a part of the online community, and this is certainly true for those who seek help dealing with Rett Syndrome. Choose a blog that is updated regularly by checking to see when the latest posts were made. Highly active blogs provide the most usable and current information. If you do choose to become a part of the medical blogging community, then make sure that you contribute information as well. This will show others that you care about their child's progress too, and it helps to foster stronger bonds.